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Sunday, November 16, 2014

See the excellent article alleges simply that Nazis in the Middle East are the Palestinian leadership and Israel plays with their survival while practicing mercy against their safety. Also claims that there is a serious psychological imbalance in who says "Look publishes trash, do not read it", while a declared Zionist like me for example deigns to hear, see or read versions and aberrations declared enemies of humanity. The 247 online becomes anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic when, but is still human and not a waste, for example. Get up Greater Israel.

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Rodrigo Constantino

Analysis of a liberal unafraid of controversy

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26/07/2014 at 19:01 \ Wars, Históriag

Compare what is today Israel with the holocaust is just absurd!

"We traveled up here in the leaded wagons; come from nothing towards our women and our children; we made slaves, marched a hundred times, return to our fatigue, erased in the soul before the anonymous death. Not return. No one should leave here; could lead to the world, along with the marks on the meat, what new evil in Auschwitz, the man even made man. "(Primo Levi," Is that a man? ")

Words matter. We must be careful when using them. For example: when someone calls "slave" a rural worker who earns wages above the minimum, we can go whenever you want because nobody forces them to stay there, they never took a whipping of a foreman whatsoever, just because of the over 200 items of labor legislation is not met - maybe the thickness of your mattress - it does not seem offensive to the true slaves of the past?

Well, when they accuse Israel of practicing what today that the Jews themselves were victims of Nazism in time, it is a grave offense to all the victims of the Holocaust and Jews in general. It's a lot of fruit or pure ignorance or bad faith, calved by anti-Semitic hatred. The two things are completely different; there is simply no way to even put them in upcoming classes.

For starters, there was the intention: the Nazis deliberately sought to annihilate the Jews just for being Jews. Who speaks for the genocide or "hygiene" in the Gaza Strip do not know what you're talking about. Israeli troops have never shown any desire to eliminate Palestinians just because they are Palestinians.

On the contrary, there is every evidence that they do everything possible to avoid killing innocent civilians, some even with advance warning of attacks aimed at the destruction of weapons held by Hamas terrorists, who dug dozens of tunnels in the region and settled guns near schools and hospitals. As Professor Jacob Dolinger said today in artigopublicado GLOBE:

I wish our Minister explain how it measures "proportionality" in war field. Did he know that Israel send the same number of rockets that Hamas has launched in recent years over Israel, Gaza would be totally destroyed?

He knows that Israel took care last week warning hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to flee their homes, thereby enabling Hamas knew exactly where the Israeli army was preparing to attack and thus causing falls that would not occur if the attacks were carried out surprise? In other words, Israel has endangered its soldiers, sacrificing some of them in an effort to minimize the maximum civilian casualties from the enemy.

Have His Excellency the President and that it serves the slightest notion of the barbarity of the leaders of Hamas forcing his people to remain at home, sending missiles from hospitals and residential areas to achieve that the Israeli defensive reaction causing civilian casualties among the Palestinian people?

Incidentally, the minister knows any war that caused civilian casualties? And there has always been disproportionality between the number of victims of the parties involved in the conflict?

Does not understand that the head of the Foreign Ministry in Israel virtually no civilian casualties fall because the state protects its citizens, with the most sophisticated alarm system and shelter?

It is evident to the Brazilian government that, like previous wars between Israel and Hamas, was caused by fanatical terrorists who rule Gaza as medieval despots?

How to ignore these facts? Does anyone have any doubt that if Israel really wanted to exterminate Palestinians haphazardly the country would be able to do it tomorrow? And someone thinks Hamas, had the same power, would you use it? Why does Israel always goes to war to defend themselves?

If there is anything similar to Nazism in the region is precisely the pathological desire that many Palestinians feed to eliminate the Jews of the map. Not coincidentally, Hitler found in many important for his "final solution" allied Islamist groups: both Nazis and radical Islamists have the same goal, which was to exterminate the Jews. These, in turn, have never shown any interest in exterminating Palestinians or Muslims.

Clear that a war is inevitable loss of innocent civilians. It sucks to be so. It's a shame. Many even have a legitimate right to criticize and condemn the Israeli government, judging that the response is inadequate and that endangers others lives.

These should at least try to offer some realistic alternative of how Israel can defend itself from terrorism of Hamas launching missiles all the time in their population. But to accuse Israel of deliberately target the death of these people by ethnicity is an infamy, a grotesque lie, exposing antisemitism on who utters it.

Jews under the Nazis were turned into heartless dogs, animals without honor and dignity. Who want a good account of everyday life in the concentration camps, without sensationalism, I recommend reading this is a man ?, the Italian Primo Levi. It is impossible to stop reading and even insist on a comparison with the Gaza Strip today, accusing Israel of practicing what he suffered before. Freak too!

Israel even allows Palestinians to live and work in their territory, trying to ensure their safety. The greatest enemy of the Palestinians as well are not the Israelis but Palestinians terrorists and radical Islamists. How can anyone sane and knowledgeable minimal story saying that the Jews who want a Holocaust is reversed today? How not to feel ashamed of such a vile accusation?

Right now Israel has accepted temporary truce proposal, but Hamas continued launching attacks on Israelis. How to negotiate with a terrorist group that wants nothing but complete destruction, which strives for this, using their own children as a shield? How can someone have the nerve to reverse everything and accuse the Jews of wanting to exterminate another people, when they are just do not have the permission to simply exist there?

That radical leftist groups, delighted with the "Palestinian cause" and fueled by anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, adopt this hate speech, fine; we are accustomed to and have seen members of SoL burning the Israeli flag. But the Brazilian government itself runs on disgusting figure "Chancellor actually" Marco Aurélio Garcia, doing the same thing, accusing Israel of deliberate genocide, it is abject.

Our government has been praised by no less than Hamas itself, a terrorist group of the worst kind. That alone should be a warning sign, a warning that the stance is not adequate, the Foreign Ministry ugly missed the target. But what to expect from a government that is aligned to the dregs of humanity who always patted the worst tyrants in the world?

Rodrigo Constantino

Tags: Hamas, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel, Primo Levi

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geroldo zanon -

10.06.2014 at 9:51

I already made a comment on her BLOG Uncle Reinaldo will Dilma and Lula have gone to scold Israel for all the members of the government of Israel because they are only killing their Muslim terrorist friends

Maria Inez Medeiroelarminos B -

25.09.2014 at 9:05


Daniel -

16/08/2014 at 11:56

This "bad" moral relativism that many are subjected is the cause that is leading mankind to destruction. No minimum order never arrive at any place, much less peace. Support when madmen who want to destroy not only Israel but the entire Western civilization that does not follow extremism (not all Arabs are Muslim extremists) to give them the space they need to slow and covert manner and paradoxically in open wars annihilate any form culture and democratic way of life. We can not put into play all the welfare and stability we have achieved because of disinformation, dishonesty and hypocrisy that has permeated much of our society. Is more than clear that true freedom and citizenship is not for social programs, vandalism and leftist propaganda, but the attitude of respect, education, and work seriously and valued tolerance that should be seen as essential for us today and passed with diligence and true commitment to future generations.

'Maria Aparecida Bernardo -

08/04/2014 at 16:20

Rodrigo Thanks for being so clear in their positions! It is impossible to understand and support everything you write !!! You stand for and how it would be nice if we could bring the light to those who are in complete darkness !!! I think the number of alienated people were not so great, and had the same thought facebook would be filled with outraged posts to this barbarism !!!

Everton Antunes -

07/31/2014 at 21:56

Well the majority of comments I've seen is pro israel, mine is not and I hope you publish yet, and I'm sorry but the Rodrigo Constantino to compare sim with Nazism (not sure if you're Jewish, but it seems by your text) picture A super deadly assassin entering a nursery and children hostage, this justifies the police come shoot and kill some kids to catch the villain, of course not, it's despicable and inhuman find that if you can kill innocent people and get away with it, of course that members of Hamas are terrorists, but what differs them from assassins from Israel, the US support?

st marks -

28/07/2014 at 15:45

Only for the reason that most Palestinians resist Jews.


07.28.2014 at 8:33

Israel only defending this terrorist joked with them is certain death

Odnanref, Seraos -

27/07/2014 at 20:06

What about using the tools of leftist activists against themselves?

Vera Lúcia de Oliveira Bastos -

27/07/2014 at 18:42

We're only on the old and well fed anti-Semitism. Many Palestinians living in Israel. If the Israeli state wanted to eliminate Palestinians would not be very difficult. Palestinians go to hospitals like everyone else. No need to spend much money to make sosfisticado missile system, underground shelters for the population (also for the Palestinians who live there) etc, etc. Moreover Isreal could invade Paletina anytime and end all. Instead, it keeps the defense.
Incidentally, I spoke of Palestinians living in Israel. Live in Palestine because they can not do it.

Cedar32 -

27/07/2014 at 17:45

What I could tell was a good amount of flags and SoL PSTU profiteers ....

Claudio -

27/07/2014 at 17:26

Excellent article as usual!
As for proportionality, Israel could have the same amount of rockets and missiles under the same conditions and circumstances, regardless of where they could fall.
As for Brazilian diplomacy, what to expect of these PT ??

Carmo Vicentini -

27/07/2014 at 16:50

Allied himself with the dregs of humanity for reasons of affinity and similarity. Where we tied our horse? Will we ever get rid of these moral midgets?

Serius -

27/07/2014 at 13:13

The government supports PETRALHISTA ALL dictatorships without exception. HAMAS, Hezbollah, FARC could not stay away, would be an offense to petralhista policy.
ISRAEL: missiles are detected, alarms sound, civilians take shelter in bunkers in the middle order, the result of training.
PALESTINE: Israel warns telephone, RADIO, played pamphlets airplanes etc ... days in advance before bombing.
Palestinian officials contróem NO BUNKERS or shelters for the population.
You hear sirens qdo "attacked" (against attack!) Before exhort the people to rise in packed storage buildings.
CHILDREN gather around rocket launchers.
1 - If embarrass and NOT bombing, as in MOST CASES.
2 - show victims on tv, as if Israel were guilty.
A CONTRADICTION OF Contradictions !!!!!

Samuel -

27/07/2014 at 24:27

You can not argue with those who only looks at one direction. Nobody says anything about China in Tibet, the thing there is worse than we think, or speak nothing of Syria and Iraq. Incidentally the left praises and admires North Korea. But Israel!
In real Israel has the right to defend itself. Imagine if Israel does not pitched fast? No state would be today.


27/07/2014 at 11:10

and if Israel had not invested in a modern and precise system of missile defense of hamas? Who would mourn the thousands dead in the streets of israel? or as support thousands of missiles fired at random? in Porto Alegre, a self-declared PT broadcaster ranted: "how can anyone defend itself by sending missiles at your enemy?" and added: "So, there will never be peace" ie, Israel has an obligation to establish peace, terrorists the hamas, no! besides, is not digging tunnels terrorist invading Israeli country to attack by surprise?

grandson -

27/07/2014 at 10:46

Excellent, Rodrigo.Sugiro that you put a glossary at the end of your texts, explaining what the Holocaust, Nazism, anti-Semitism, Zionism, if a leftist foolishly read it.
A: I'm not interested Bocos leftists like my readers ... 

Marcelo -

27/07/2014 at 10:21

This video below was released by a pro-Palestinian NGO, BUT, it shows Hamas officials riding ambulances, vests with humanitarian aid, and they go armed to the areas that Israel warned it would attack, and they expel people from home to be exposed to bombardment and die.

See what the citizens were immediately expelled from home by ambulance men vest, and are forced to go to the street and become disoriented amidst the shelling, the men vest guide the people to the places where the bombs are falling, and the videographer (who is also a man in vest), moves away, believing that it will be able to shoot the striking of a bomb hitting the group, but can not. It's shocking. Israeli troops stop attacking where the jumble of people are, and starts attacking another place down the street, and so men vest guide the people to the site of the bombing, as the cameraman pulls away again.
At any moment, it is clear that their goal is to put civilians in the same place where the bombs are falling, and cameramen to film everything. It is the height of villainy.

Paulo Lima -

07.27.2014 at 9:41

What to expect from a government nazipetista? Nothing sensible, nothing intelligent, nothing rational, nothing can be expected from a government that worships and praises Fidel Castro Venezuelan government. The Brazil eztá delivered to rats and, apparently, will sink in the next four years.

Eduardo -

07.27.2014 at 9:34

The top top Garcia is not only dwarf diplomático.É especially moral dwarf.

Eduardo -

07.27.2014 at 9:32

Bright, Constantine. You said everything I would say if it was given me such an intellectual capacity. As for Aurelio Garcia, like forgetting his infamy to make a "top top" to analyze that air disaster. If Dilma had a shred of dignity, he would have stuck his foot in the ass (pardon, but I can not find another term) that jerk.

Monica -

07.27.2014 at 9:27

Rodrigo, thanks for your text enobrigada for his sanity! If all journalists have a responsibility, we would not hear so screwed up today and being so hated! Congratulations for telling THE TRUTH!

Alberto Linhares -

07.27.2014 at 9:01

I fully agree with the Israeli government, and add:
Dwarf in education
Dwarf in health
Dwarf in the infrastructure
Dwarf in security, etc.

arie robinson -

07.27.2014 9:00

a wonderful article
should be translated into many languages ​​so that everyone can share it

CK -

07.27.2014 at 8:51

Perfect, Constantine. Bravo!

David -

07.27.2014 at 8:04

The palace of the plateau is a hotbed of terrorists and thieves starting with Dilma expect that this rabble.
Brazilian people no longer support this scum.

eliosir -

07.27.2014 at 7:59

Bright and exciting your article Rodrigo.A best answer and petralhas defeat at the polls.

Rangel Camargo -

07.27.2014 at 7:31

Members of SoL burning the Israeli flag does not cause me dismay.
A demonstration in Cathedral Square, representatives of leftist parties burned the flag of Brazil.
I twist by a military intervention to end the Red scum that took hold in Brazil.

Danielle -

07.27.2014 7:00

Again congratulations for not being more insane in the middle of this media as biased


07.27.2014 at 2:24

Anti despots Israel! For these, all against Israel is legitimate! Support terrorism against the Jewish state! Force Israel believe I just lost to the United States in the number of enemies! Success does not hurt!

Fbr -

07.27.2014 at 1:47

I agree with the article more clearly there are people who want to see the dead Palestinians in Israel

I'm not a military strategist more I believe that one way to prevent deaths is even a ground offensive to take hamas power and put less aggressive party

Gustavo -

27/07/2014 at 00:52

Rodrigo, comment out the fortune of Michael Moore reveals why her divorce!

João Victor -

27/07/2014 at 00:40

Here's a news that would be sufficiently able to clarify the moral of the subversive terrorist faction Hamas:

Adely -

27/07/2014 at 12:38

Unfortunately the media has great guilt about it because the most biased and anti-Semitic, discloses only one side of the story and omits what could be used in defense of Israel. Congratulations for your text and be almost unique in this country and most of the media. Hitler utiliziu engengaria and social media to advance his diabolical plan and unfortunately we are not free from this madness happen again..and therefore more than ever, Israel has right to defend itself.

Joe Diwan -

27/07/2014 at 12:27

Dear Rodrigo Constantino, below is the content of the letter days protocolei 25/07 in the São Paulo office of the Presidency:

São Paulo, July 25, 2014

Excellency President of the Republic
Ms. Rousseff

I am Brazilian and I love my country. I am Jewish and I love the state of Israel.

What many people do not know is that in the history of Israel, a Brazilian has a prominent role. This is the diplomat Oswaldo Aranha. He was an extremely important role in the creation of the Jewish state.

On November 29, 1947, in exercise of the Presidency of the General Assembly of the UN, Aranha said: "33 votes in favor, 13 against, 10 abstentions and one absence."

Spider was recognized by the Jewish people as one of the organizers for the creation of the state. On May 14, 1948 Israel was born.

Brazil and Israel share a long history of cooperation in the technical, scientific and technological areas. Since the 1960s, Israel contributes to the development of agriculture in the semiarid region, through the dissemination of irrigation techniques in regions of northeastern Brazil. Besides interstate cooperation, registers with intense dialogue between Brazilian and Israeli institutions, government or private.

Importantly, the relationship between Brazil and Israel are guided by strong human and cultural ties, with a view to centuries Jewish presence in Brazil, first with the communities of New Christians in colonial times, and later with the coming of Jewish immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Relying on historical relationships between Brazil and Israel, I confess that I was very worried and disappointed with the attitude of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which demonstrated a unilateral approach to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, the harsh criticism being made to Israel and virtually ignored the actions of the terrorist group Hamas.
Why has not even said a word about the more than 9,000 rockets fired into Israel and why was not questioned the stance of Hamas not to accept or respect a ceasefire?

And what of human shields by Hamas adopted, clearly characterized as a war crime policy?

Some concern on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with more than 20 thousand Brazilians living in Israel, whose lives are threatened daily because of Hamas rockets?

Or Brazilians living in Syria, which has killed over 170 thousand people, 15 thousand children, including chemical weapons. The Brazilian ambassador in Damascus was recalled?

President Dilma feel that lack sensitivity and clarity to analyze the facts, if we compare with the visits and the outspoken support of the prime minister of Germany to Israel, Foreign Minister of England, the Secretary of State of the United States, the Minister of outside Italy. The Secretary-General himself visited Israel and the UN declared that the country has every right to defend itself from attack by a terrorist group (Hamas).

As irrefutable evidence numerous crimes committed by Hamas, as the use of UN schools were shown to harbor rockets and ordnance placement of rocket launch bases in schools, hospitals and densely populated areas.

Besides the construction of tunnels facing criminal and destructive actions, instead of providing better living conditions for the people living in the Gaza Strip.

Honorable President, Brazil loses the opportunity to maintain their legitimate figure as a mediator in the complex Middle East conflict.

As a Brazilian, I hope from the bottom of my Jewish soul that my country reconsiders his attitude, common sense will prevail and the people to defend themselves well, after all, Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East, and the value we place on a life is immeasurable.

I end this letter with a sentence that is a true expression of Judaism said by a great scholar of antiquity, Rabbi Akiva:

¨Veahvtá Lereachá Camocha Love thy neighbor as thyself.

It's a shame that other people do not think so ...

Joseph Diwan

Joe Diwan -

27/07/2014 at 12:24

Congratulations again, his writings are of a clarity of ideas and truths that much pride in!

Fabio -

27/07/2014 at 12:11

Congratulations Rodrigo for another great article. I have great difficulty believing in ignorance when they use the term genocide or when comparing the response of the IDF with Nazism. The difficulty lies in the amount of information currently available and the training of people who propagate such nonsense. I am, therefore, with your second choice. It should also highlight the historiography of humanitarian aid from Israel to countries like Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kosovo, the Philippines, Gaza, among countless others. The history says it all.

Regarding anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, the violent acts in Europe today, already speaks for itself. The fallacy of the legitimacy of the resistance by the colonialist and expansionist policy falls apart. Actually had fallen in 2005, with the unilateral Gaza disengagement.

Congratulations again! Continue "swimming against the tide" in various subjects, despite all the difficulties. Hugs

Carlos -

07/26/2014 at 23:17

With this government, Brazil is just having reason to be ashamed.

Johnny Ipa -

07/26/2014 at 23:12

Congratulations on the article Rodrigo

I feel we live in a complete reversal of values, I do not see being a cultural, economic or educational issue because I watch every day educated people with good financial condition, good jobs or fighting for "their cultural needs' talk or act like barbarians and often reversing a reality, simply by following your group in which they belong or by self-interest (maintaining employment, economic favoritism, family, religion, ethnicity, relationships, love, business).
I believe the world loses a lot with the "global democracy" (everybody wants to meddle in others' problems), which places less financially privileged religious / ethnic problems tend to contaminate financially best places that will bring humanity to a general war, requiring the use of force majeure by the major powers.
Frt hug

Ivens -

07/26/2014 at 23:07

On one side there is a people who believe in the right to loot, kill and destroy another people because it is written in a book of fables that there is a land promised by God. Give another extremist (could not be otherwise), who defend their right to stay, to live, to live.
Mix all this with religion, instrument of resistance from both sides: "The Promised Land" x "Islamic jihad". Add the economic concerns of the US region with the aid of Zionism.
There will never be a truce agreement in the region and thus already knew and told Ben Gurion.

grossmann sarah -

07/26/2014 at 22:50

Mr. Rodrigo
congratulations for your courage and honesty
thank you

Gustavo -

07/26/2014 at 22:49

Axis of evil, believe me, the story of Brazil is being tarnished

Telma -

07/26/2014 at 22:43

Congratulations, great article!

Augusto Paiva -

07/26/2014 at 22:22

Address this very pertinent topic at that moment when discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I read many comments making such 'comparisons'. It is very common to catch it some leftists, who shamelessly call any of the Holocaust '' holoconto '' and claim that Jews discount the Palestinians who have suffered from Nazism, and there are even those who evokes a second Hitler on Earth. At the same time denying the holocaust, contradict themselves by saying that the Jews discount the suffering of the Palestinians in the past. Freak is too little, is the height of cognitive aberration when a esquerdopata called Nazi who express for Israel to defend itself. This is nothing more than an anti-Semitism of warm and fuzzy-headed. The hatred is blindness and confusion. Call Israel a Nazi is old and bankrupt ruse of Lenin's' swear at them than you, accuse them of what you do. '' Who has part with Nazism in history: 1) 2)

Clayton -

07/26/2014 at 22:13

Janus Kestelman - 26/07/2014 Recently returned to watch Schindler's List (blu-ray version) after more than 15 years, and moved me to the very strong, impactful scenes in the film. The scenes we see in Gaza is appalling, but the Holocaust was an atrocity perhaps unprecedented.

Rafael -

07/26/2014 at 22:06

Excellent. Flawless text. What we're seeing is the most perfect picture of asymmetric warfare, where one side can do everything, absolutely everything, while the other side has action limits. The side that can do everything is Hamas TERRORIST organization which by its very nature always and always violate human rights, even of their own people. The other, the Israeli armed forces, that even owns a crushing military superiority, can not act without limits. For those who vociferously that Israel is reacting to "disproportionate" manner, I argue that if it were to Gaza would have been wiped off the map of the region. Israel has shown since its inception that is invincible in the military field, and demonstrated to all countries that attacked from the day following its foundation is an opponent of strength above normal. The mainstream media does not show the pictures of Israeli cities, including Tel Aviv, being attacked day and night by rain of rockets launched from Gaza by Hamas. The sirens that warn the public that an attack was launched rockets are as common as wind noise. Thousands and thousands of rockets into Israeli soil. One day the Star of David has to take a more violent attitude and does so. The world does not give a damn about the attacks suffered by that country, now pointing his finger because he defends. "Civilians are dying," critics say. Yes, they are dying because Hamas uses them as human shields, a fact that does not deserve equal criticism. The Israeli people survived for over five thousand years of slavery in Egypt to the Nazi holocaust. They remain alive. The Star of David is stronger than their enemies.

Alberto santo andre -

07/26/2014 at 21:54

which might serve for comparison with gaza, is the use of residents by traffickers who use the so omo terrorists as shields, and to have control of these people still do propaganda against the forces of law and still justify their atrocities, as retribution for killers arrested or killed, the Brazilian government actually does with the state of Israel is the same as against governments who fight against traffickers, murderers, thieves, especially if smaller that the right to murder their parents of family , estrupar and murdering young women who have a lifetime ahead simply because they are bums and do not want to work and study and want the same thing to those who have sacrificed, working, studying and loosing part of their youth so they could have a level better life after ,,,, that justice and the federal government, speaking on democracy, and that puts bums in the same bag murderers and bastards, with student workers and honest ejulgam that teem all the same right ... so keep those bums are supported by the federal government that robs me on my income because my children my wife and I educate workers, scholars, and above all honest, all the more so, as I have never voted for PT bandidod.

Arnaldo Arnolde -

07/26/2014 at 21:48

Mohammad Deif, head of Hamas said: "al-Qassam Brigades are better prepared to continue with our exclusive path to which there is no alternative, the path of jihad and fighting our enemies in the Muslim world and action. We say to our enemies:. You are on the path of extinction and Palestine will become of us, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan R io, from North to South you are not entitled to an inch of it "- his answer would be" proportional "it?

I have shown this statement from the head of the armed wing of Hamas cuz she summarizes the situation.
Iran, Qatar and Syria are behind the q Hamas want the EXTINCTION of the Jews.
This is the "proportionality" q Israel faces.
Arabs are cracked for the first time, only 3 cited over Turkey defend Hamas, not the rest.
Are not on Israel's side, of course, but fighting Hamas and want a solution by agreement of the form q Israel signed with Egypt and Jordan, and Lebanon ñ despite being official.
It is a significant improvement in the frame for Israel.
In contrast to the multitude of alienated politically correct Western q ñ has neither historical nor current notion of q occurs in OM increased.
Important for us to understand the difficulty in solving the Israeli military situation there ñ q thing is just to go through tunnels under the border and enter Israel, there tb bunkers for launching missiles in missile side of the houses, but the Access to the bunker is made from inside the houses.
The head of Hamas gave an interview in Qatar, where he resides, he pressed by the interviewer blurted this to brag
That's why Israel q ñ ñ waives the destruction only of the tunnels, but tb of underground facilities for launching missiles.
Hopefully q give Israel time to destroy these bunkers before the Western "public opinion" to force Israel to stop this operation.

Guilherme -

07/26/2014 at 21:44

The biggest nonsense that I have heard so far is: "will the Jews learned nothing from the Holocaust?".

Daniel -

07/26/2014 at 21:42

I did the math !! Counting the deaths of 17-day war, Israel would need only 130 YEARS to decimate the population of Gaza. That there is no inhabitant of having children during that time.
Mention that Israel hates Arabs are very ignorant, and 20% of Israel's population (1.5 million) is Arab / Muslim and has the same rights as Jews, Christians, gays, etc.

Mark -

07/26/2014 at 21:07

Dear Rodrigo good night
What to talk after an article so bright? Do not know if you first compliance or if you thank for the wonderful gift of writing and be able to mitigate the unfair criticism that Israel is suffering.
Pity that his knowledge and common sense can not reach as many people who should hear and end up as pawns in the hands of people with no commitment to peace

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Cesar Augusto Cabral Arevalo Iehouah AS04: 40

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Cesar Augusto Cabral Arevalo Iehouah

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