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Torah Iehouah? Baixe e use o Davar 3 - Instrumentos e Instruções do Sagrado Absoluto como poucos humanos tiveram acesso direto em toda nossa história universal. Contribua com o Site quando e como quiser.

Davar3 - CD image download. This CD (revision 2) contains 110 book modules, 31 lexicons, 12 dictionaries, 505 ...

Scripture Study tool (beta)

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Archive of Davar3 , modules and mDavar programs
(no more supported!)

Davar3 (outdated)

Davar3 - CD image download

This CD (revision 2) contains 110 book modules, 31 lexicons, 12 dictionaries, 505 pictures (Bible atlas, maps, photos, charts and illustrations) and audio book Ecclesiastes in Hebrew in MP3 format. Program Davar3 is localised to 14 languages and help file is in English, Czech, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

When CD is started, you can select:
RUN - Davar3 is started directly from CD (nothing is installed, except fonts), or
INSTALL - Davar3 installation will be started and you can select modules, which to install

If you start Davar3, installed on hard drive, and this CD is inserted in drive, program will use all modules presented on CD plus modules installed on hard drive. You can copy new versions of modules to hard drive - in this case new files will be preferred.


1) Download davar3_cd_rev2.zip (zipped davar3.iso file, 345 MB)
2) Unzip davar3_cd_rev2.iso . Use davar3.md5 file if wish to check consistency of iso file. What is MD5?
3) Burn davar3_cd_rev2 .iso CD image in your favorite burning program.
4) Insert CD to drive and let it autostart - follow instructions.

Download from high bandwidth US FTP server - RECOMMENDED!


Download from low bandwidth Czech Web server

You can also download inlay forjewel case and slimcase (PDF).



mDavar is Hebrew dictionary for phones with Java. Program runs quickly even on slow phones. Program is no more supported.

In the package, you will find versions of mDavar with different Hebrew dictionaries included directly in .jar file (Czech, English, English modern, Portuguese, Spanish). Source code (GPL) is included. For some important information, original html pages are presented in package too.

mDavar zipped all in one package

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